Kate Middleton is Officially Engaged wearing an Issa London Dress

The beautiful Kate Middleton officially announced her engagement to Prince William and wore an Issa London dress to her first press conference. The tight-fitting royal blue jersey and silk dress with a gathered front was appropriately named ‘Sapphire.’ It has been reported that her dress sold out in the UK within hours. The dress was priced at £385 or about $615. It is not available in the US.

For those of you wanting a replica you better move quickly! A knock-off is being sold by Tesco.com for £16 or $25.

Kate was given the ring that once belonged to Diana, Princess of Wales. When it was given to Diana in 1981, it cost £30,000. The ring is made from 14 diamonds encircling a sapphire.

  Update 10/22/2012
Kate’s earrings and nacklace Tiffany & Co. 18k Gold
by designer Elsa Peretti.
The necklace is 16″ long and is set with a center cabochon
blue sapphire and two diamonds. The diamonds are about 5 points
each and the sapphire (including the gold setting) measures 5/16″ x 3/16″
The necklace is signed Tiffany & Co., 750 (i.e. 18k), Peretti”
Update 8/11/2013


 Tiffany & Co reissued a similar necklace. The main difference is that the center stone is round and not oval like Kate’s above. Also, the center stones could possibly be different (lapis lazuli cabochon vs. a blue sapphire). I will contact Tiffany & Co for clarification.
The Tiffany & Co website describes the ‘Elsa Peretti® Color by the Yard’ necklace as:
“Necklace in 18k gold with one lapis lazuli cabochon and two round brilliant diamonds. 18″ long. Carat total weight .10. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti ($995)”
Update 8/20/2013
Tiffany & Co
There is much debate about whether Kate’s necklace and earrings are sapphire or lapis lazuli. There is no way for us to be sure unless the palace confirms or denies either way. Tiffany & Co does currently have similar earrings – the oval Elsa Peretti Color by the Yard earrings in 18k gold with lapis lazuli center stones ($750). 

3 thoughts on “Kate Middleton is Officially Engaged wearing an Issa London Dress

  1. The original (Kate's) and the newer round version of Peretti's are both Lapis, she does not use Cabochon Sapphire's, I was told this via their customer service people about five, two online three at the two different locations, I also find out that their all training Gemologist, if you ask they tell you a lot at the store (and on the email) their nice and very in-depth. I also saw the original necklace in the early 2000s. Vogue UK online has an article about Peretti. I have a friend who went to GIA The Gemological Institute of America.

    So why does it look like a Sapphire, Kate's that is well my pal explained it to me. The Lapis is heat treated the heat, clear's the stone up and intensifies the color of the lapis to a rich blue so that to the naked eye it would look like a Sapphire. Also after seeing picture's of Kate's; (if the set of necklace and earrings) it's the worth a real Sapphire necklace and earrings would retail around $25,000 and the earrings give or take $15,000 U.S. Dollars, plus where the Sapphire is from raises its price, so it would 15 to 20 times more than the lapis. My friend would explain it better the heating, polishing, and origin is were the pro would step in, sorry for the ramble.


  2. Thanks so much for the information and insight into Kate's necklace and earrings. Would it be okay if I include some of the above information in an updated post and, of course, credit you with all the wonderful info?


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