Red Suit Designer has been ID’ed!

On Kate Middleton’s visit to St. Andrew’s last month, she wore a striking red suit. The designer has remained a mystery up until now! The designer has been identified as the little known Italian label of Luisa Spagnoli. The wool suit was purchased from a the Hollie de Keyser boutique in London.

The label is considered to be a “hidden nugget” in the fashion industry and is known for their classy day wear and knits. It is a family run business that dates back to 1928.

The label is not available in the US but they are currently considering distribution.

Update 9/26/2011

We have learned that the red Luisa Spagnoli suit is now back in production due to an overwhelming demand.

3 thoughts on “Red Suit Designer has been ID’ed!

  1. hi =) looooove your blog so much thanks for all your efforts, it's really appreciated. I would like to tell you two things if I can: the designer of this outfit is Luisa SPAGNOLI (spelled like this)
    Don't want to sound arrogant, I'm just italian 😛
    and second is it possible to have an update page where you put all the news? Sometimes I reread a post and i found some updates from 2013 and i don't know how many there are and where.
    hope i was clear and didn't sound too arrongant


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