Wedding Dress Designer Revealed!!!!!

Sophie Cranston of the Libélula label is said to have won the coveted commission to make Catherine’s wedding dress. We first heard of the designer when the royal bride-to-be stepped out to a friend’s wedding in Yorkshire this January in a much-talked-about, vintage-inspired, Libélula black velvet dress coat with a diamante clasp — the Dulwich coat, named after the area in South London where Cranston has her studio.

With less than two weeks to go, Kate’s wedding dress is near-completion. It’s also likely that there is more than one dress made (by the same designer), much like Princess Diana’s dressmakers, David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who had a “back-up” dress in case something happened to the first one.

Libélula is a relatively unknown British label that is soon-to-be-besieged designer.

So, who is Sophie Cranston?
34-year-old Cranston is a a young British designer with a romantic and bohemian background. She is a graduate of the University of Northumbria, who won the Student Collection of the Year award at Graduate Fashion Week in 1999, with a tongue-in-cheek collection called ‘The Morning After the Night Before’, which featured a male model wearing only a striped cashmere cushion.

After cutting her teeth under Alexander McQueen, Sophie joined Alice Temperley – another designer whose name has been in the frame for the royal appointment – in 2000, and was instrumental in helping her establish the Temperley label. Then, in an about-turn, she suddenly decided to move to Andalucia to learn Flamenco and Spanish. It was here, in a small, white-washed village in Southern Spain that she established her own label Libélula – Spanish for dragonfly.

She rapidly gained a loyal band of high-profile followers, including Emma Watson, Tamara Eccleston, and Jerry Hall, with her signature vibrant prints and beautifully cut, timeless and flattering shapes. Cranston currently creates two ready-to-wear fashion collections a year from her studio in Dulwich, plus a fledgling bridal range, which The Daily Telegraph’s Celia Walden chose for her marriage to Piers Morgan in June last year.

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