Kate Gets A Coat of Arms

The princess-to-be’s new coat of arms has been unvelied.

The emblem, which cost £4,400, was commissioned by her dad Michael and a special version will be printed on the back of the souvenir Royal Wedding programme. This will also give the entire Middleton Family the right to use this emblem since it was petitoned by Mr. Middleton.

Kate played a large part in the design and suggested the 3 acorn sprigs to signify the 3 Middleton children – Kate, Pippa and James.  She chose acorns because they grow to be oaks – a tree that symbolises strength in England and west Berkshire, where the family live.

Dominating the arms is an inverted gold V, which represents Kate’s mother Carole – whose maiden name is Goldsmith – as the heart of the family. 

The design also features two thin white chevronels on either side to symbolise mountains – reflecting the family’s love of skiing – and the Lake District. The background colours of red and blue were chosen as they are the principle colours from the flag of the United Kingdom and match Prince William’s recently revised coat of arms.
A tied ribbon, which represents Kate’s unmarried status, completes the emblem.

Following the Royal Wedding on 29 April, Kate’s coat of arms will be combined with her husband Prince William’s family emblem – something known as ‘impaled arms’. Looking at the shield, the Prince’s heraldic design will fill the left hand side and Kate’s will be on the right.

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