Kate’s Scent

If you haven’t already snapped up the £70 fragrance that Kate wore on her wedding, get in line!

According to Clarence House, Kate wore White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, a little-known British brand.

A description on the company website describes the scent as

 ‘fragrant as a vase of white flowers quivering in the breeze by an open window, this is a delicate and nuanced scent.
‘The top note of coconut evokes a seaside location, while heart notes of muguet, ylang ylang and jasmine breeze bring a trio of white flowers into play.
‘Amber wood underscores this capricious and light bouquet.’
The fragrance is available in two sizes: a 50ml bottle and a 100ml bottle. There is currently a wait list for the 50ml bottle but the 100ml bottle can be purchased immediately.

What scented candles and toiletries were requested by Kate for use inside the Abbey during the wedding? 

A selection of candles, handwashes and lotions, specifically in citrus spring scents including Orange Blossom, Grapefruit and the ever-popular Lime, Basil & Mandarin by luxury fragrance brand Jo Malone

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