Kate’s L.K. Bennet Wedges to be re-issued.

Would you like to own a pair of patent wedges just like Kate’s?

The Greta wedges (£150) that Kate wore at her final wedding rehearsal and when she left Buckingham Palace for her private get-away with her new husband are now being reissued. They have been appropriately renamed ‘The Kate.’ Look for them in June 2011.

It may not be as easy as you think to get your hands on a pair. There is already a waiting list!

Chelsy Davy was spotted trying on a pair last week but opted for a cheaper version by the Office brand (£60). The ones she chose  were suede rather than patent and had a higher rattan heel than the ones Kate wore (modest cork elevation).

Update 5/26/11: LK Bennett has renamed and the ‘Greta’ wedges – the ‘Maddox’ (a limited edition version). They will be available in June 2011 and are part of their Summer Collection. Offerings are in three colors: black, turquoise and coral. They are reasonably priced at £165.00 ($265). The shoes have a wedge raffia heel and are high-shine patent leather.

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