Kate celebrates Prince Philip’s 90th birthday

This morning Kate and the rest of The Royal Family attended a special service at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel to mark Prince Philip’s 90th birthday.

Once again, she shopped her closet and picked out the Jane Troughton blue brocade coat that she wore in 2009 for the wedding of friend Nicolas van Cutsem. The gorgeous coat has five small buttons at the waistband to hold it closed, accentuating Kate’s slim waist.

However, for today’s occasion, Kate wore a new blue hat, LK Bennett nude heels and a matching nude clutch to give it a whole new feel.

Under the pretty coat, she wore the blue Zara dress she picked for her helicopter departure from Buckingham Palace the day after her wedding.

Kate wore her hair in a half-up style as she did on her wedding day. Her trademark long dark locks were kept off her face while still hanging loose around her shoulders.
After the service Kate joined 750 guests for a canapé-and-drinks reception at the Grand Reception room of St. George’s Hall on the grounds of Windsor Castle.
Update 6/13/11

It has now been confirmed that Kate’s white and blue hats are Jane Corbett creations. http://www.janecorbett.co.uk/Home.html

Update 6/25/11
I was able to find some additional information on the Jane Troughton coat and I have some detailed pictures of the coat below.
The Jane Troughton coat was sold under the brand ‘Pocket Venus’ (no longer available).
Update 6/28/2011
The clutch that Kate carried for this event was a Prada.

11 thoughts on “Kate celebrates Prince Philip’s 90th birthday

  1. I would pay a lot of money to get my hands on either a used or a knock-off of that Jane Troughton blue jacket. My internet searches have come up with nothing though. Do you know of anything??


  2. I am still trying to locate the exact Prada clutch. I have sent a note to Prada and once I hear back from them, I will post the info. It seems that Kate's clutch is from a past collection.


  3. Appreciate I'm a bit late to the party, but I own one of the Jane Troughton coats. I do like it a lot, but am open to offers as I've worn it to a couple of weddings and it may be time to change.


  4. Sorry for going off radar. Been busy being pregnant. Still am, but less sick than before.

    Yes, it's exactly the same one. Jane Troughton / Pocket Venus. I bought it from a boutique in Fulham and is definitely the same.

    Will get some pictures up, but will also be putting it on ebay. I'll need to double heck the size.


  5. I would love to get my hands on one of these coats! Would you be able to provide the ebay link or any other information? I would love to buy it!


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