Kate’s Night Out at the Gary Barlow Concert

Kate and William joined Prince Charles and Camilla as well as Camilla’s daughter Laura Lopez and daughter-in-law Sara Parker Bowles for a glittering pre-Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The concert was organised by Take That’s Gary Barlow.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning in a short figure-hugging black and cream lace tulip mini dress by Zara ($99.90 and sold out).

She teamed it with opaque black tights, matching suede heels, a black clutch, a black belt, and the black Ralph Lauren jacket worn the day after her wedding. Kate wore her brunette hair in a loose curl.

The Royals met with Barlow ahead of his performance and then made their way to the Royal box to enjoy the concert.

Details of Kate’s Lace Tulip Dress (Ref. 2028/720). 100% Polyester.

I did a quick scan of Ebay and think I found the Ralph Lauren jacket (the sale has ended). It was the Ralph Lauren Black Label Blazer and retailed for $1198 (100% wool).

If memory serves me correctly, I remeber Kate accessorizing with the same black clutch on her visit to St. Andrews. It has never been ID’d.

5 thoughts on “Kate’s Night Out at the Gary Barlow Concert

  1. The jacket was discovered by someone at What Kate Wore which is where you got the info not through a quick scan of ebay. I think it's utterly shocking the way you take credit for their finds.


  2. Normally, I don't answer comments from posters with negative comments but I think that the above post needs a reply.

    The jacket was actually identified by THE PALACE and the information was released to THE PRESS ie. Daily Mail, etc. It was not ID'd by WKW. WKW also got the information from THE PRESS.

    Here is a DIRECT quote taken from the WKW Website “Tonight one of those rare occasions when media is given information about the designers being worn, they were told the Duchess was wearing “a Zara dress and Ralph Lauren jacket”

    Please check your facts before making derogatory comments.

    I step down from my soap box and close the subject.


  3. Just to add if you read my comment you would see I did not mean the fact the jacket is Ralph Lauren.

    I'm talking about the one on ebay, What Kate Wore found the jacket on ebay with the help of one of their posters, you did not find it on e bay which is why I think it's high time you started crediting What Kate Wore.


  4. Anonymous, the negative comments are so mean! We all like Catherine. take a tip for a mother. If you can't say something nice, please don't say it. You have NO idea what this person has or has not done.
    Catherine makes a point of being pleasant, no matter what. Follow her example.


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