William & Kate Visit a Rainforest in Borneo


William and Kate travelled to Kota Kinabalu and toured the Danum Valley research centre in Sabah, one of the two States that make up the Malaysian part of Borneo.


They explored the rainforest at tree-top height, walking over a long rope bridge running above the foliage.

They were then fitted with special harnesses and helmets before being hoisted 138ft up into a giant parashorea tomentella tree using a “counterweight pulley system” which had been set by rope access technicians to their combined weight, believed to be 150kg.


The Duchess Cambridge dressed for the jungle in slim-cut khaki trousers, a plaited brown leather belt, well-worn hiking boots and a simple deep green blouse.



Kate’s blouse has been ID’d – thanks to the Duchess Kate Blog. It is a Zara Forest Green Blouse from 2010.

Copykate on FB
Copykate on FB
Copykate on FB

Update 9/21/2012

The Duchess’ khaki pants have been ID’d. They are by Zara (from a previous season and no longer available). Zara has confirmed that these are their pants…

‘Dear Nicole,
Thank you for contacting Zara.com.
In regards to the trousers in question, please be advised they were part of our last collection and they are currently sold out.
 For further queries, please contact our Customer Service through the contact form or call 1-855-635-9272. You may also send us an email at

 Update 9/24/2012


Kate’s hiking boots have been ID’d. They are the Hillmaster GTX Hiking Boot (£140) by Brasher (thanks to WKW for the ID). www.brasher.co.uk/ Pictured below is their style for the current season. Kate’s were from a past season.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions


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