Kate Joins the Queen at Baker Street Underground Station

Daily Mail/PA

Today, Kate joined the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at  Baker Street Underground to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the transport network.

Daily Mail/Ken Goff
Baker Street was part of the first stretch of the world-famous Tube network which ran between Paddington and Farringdon and opened on January 9, 1863, when it was known as the Metropolitan Railway.
Daily Mail/Tristan Gregory

Daily Mail/PA

The royal party met staff and toured the trains before the 86-year-old monarch unveiled a plaque naming a new train the Queen Elizabeth II.

Daily Mail/AP
Daily Mail/PA
Daily Mail/PA

The Duchess of Cambridge was presented with a “Baby on board” badge. This is suppossed to overcome the awkwardness often felt by pregnant women of having to ask someone to give up their seat.

Daily Mail/Daniel Deme

Detail of similar coat by Malen Birger
Daily Mail/AP


 Kate looked gorgeous in short, teal coat with black braided trim (£250 and no longer available) by Danish fashion designer Malene Birger (Fall/Winter 2006 collection).

VideDressing describes the coat as:
 ‘A beautiful wool coat with beautiful bead work, back martingale closed by invisible hooks, cotton lining with polka dot black border, pen pocket inside, two outside pockets closed with large buttons.’
Flashback to 2011
The Telegraph
The Telegraph

The Duchess accented her look with black accessories. She wore a beret-style hat by Whiteley Fischer (worn in January 2011), her UFO bow clutch, her Cornelia James wool gloves with side bow, opaque tights, her suede Episode ‘Angel’ pumps and her sapphire and diamond drop earrings.

Daily Mail/AP

Her hair was styled in loose curls showcasing the textures and tones of her tresses.

Additional Pictures

Daily Mail/AP


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