Updates for the Week of September 16th

A quick update on all the minor happenings from last week. There have been a number of UFO’s that were ID’ed and even a Kate sighting by an eagle eyed royal fan. Keep reading for all the details.

‘Who’ Magazine/stalkingtheroyals tumblr

The first UFO was a light brown sweater that Kate wore on an outing to Rossano Ferretti salon in Mayfair on June 19th. Thanks to a follower on WKW, we now know it’s the ‘Crew Neck Cashmere Cardigan’ by John Lewis. It is no longer available as it was from a 2009 line.


The second UFO was Kate’s tan court kitten heels, seen when she was spotted shopping on King’s Road in London, back in April 2011. It was thought that they were Ferragamo. They are, in fact by Bally (again, thanks to a follower on WKW).


Last but not least, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted shopping at Peter Jones in London on September 14th. The above picture was posted on Twitter.

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