Kate Arrives at Diplomatic Reception in Diamond Tiara

Daily Mail/Mark Stewart

Kate arrived at the diplomatic reception hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace alongside her husband in a chauffeur – driven Bentley.

Daily Mail/Jesal/Tanna

It is the largest – and one of the most glittering – annual receptions the monarch holds at Buckingham Palace. This lavish party is for the 172 foreign missions in Britain where members of the Royal Family make a point to meet and greet each one.

Jesal/Tanna/Splash News/WKW

The Duchess of Cambridge dazzled in a bespoke white, lace Alexander McQueen evening dress, a diamond tiara and diamond chandelier earrings (last seen at the BAFTA dinner during the 2011 North American Tour).

Kate wears the 1936 Cartier halo tiara on her wedding day
It was lent to her by Queen Elizabeth

It is thought that this is the first time since her wedding that Kate has worn a tiara.

Daily Mail

Wearing a tiara is obligatory at state banquets and last night, and the Duchess donned the Lotus Flower Tiara, also, on loan from the Queen.

The original Greek key pattern diamond necklace

The delicate diamond tiara is also known as the Papyrus Tiara. It was made from a necklace the Queen Mother received as wedding gift in 1923 from her husband George VI.

The Queen Mother
Daily Mail/Getty Images

The Queen Mother decided to have it dismantled by Garrard Jewelers and made into the tiara we see today. It features lotus or papyrus – shaped mounts framed in scrolls, with diamonds arranged in arcs and pearl accents.

Princess Margaret
Serena Stanhope
The Queen Mother often wore it low across the forehead as a young woman before handing it down to her youngest daughter, Princess Margaret, who then loaned it to Serena Stanhope for her wedding to Margaret’s son Viscount Linley.
The first time Kate wore the diamond chandelier earrings
BAFTA Dinner 2011
Kate’s diamond chandelier earrings are also on loan from the Queen.


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